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  Salamander Designs


Salamander Designs specializes in designing landscapes that are organic, lower maintenance, beautiful year-round, waterwise, and which incorporate native and edible plants.  JJ Sweeney, owner and lead Designer, takes pride in listening to each Client, helping them determine their needs and desires, and then helping them bring their vision and dreams to fruition.  JJ also loves to teach, whether coaching Clients, lecturing for various organizations, or teaching workshops on numerous gardening topics (see bottom of “Services” page).



Dear Visitors:

Due to the fact that I am now a full-time teacher with Salem-Keizer Public Schools, I no longer am able to maintain my landscape design business.

Feel free to explore the website as there is some useful information.  However, my site was created and maintained by myself via iWeb, which is no longer viable, so links don’t work.  Eventually, it won’t be supported at all.

But, until it is completely defunct, or I can take the time to find another vehicle, please feel free to explore, or contact me for questions.  At some point, when I have the time, I intend to upload all the information I used to provide to my clients, e.g. handouts on pruning, low-maintenance landscaping, organic gardening, waterwise gardening, naturescaping, etc., so it might be worth revisiting, perhaps this summer.


Until then, thank you for visiting!


Why Hire a Landscape Designer?

  1. 1. to prevent costly mistakes and save time, energy, and money

  2. 2. to provide a plan to follow over time if installation must be done in stages

  3. 3. to help create privacy, tranquility and security, a place to play, share and socialize, and/or a place to grow food

  4. 4. to create habitat for birds, bees, butterflies, ladybugs, or whatever you might want to attract!

  5. 5. to help you conserve water, reduce pollutants, produce oxygen, reduce noise levels, prevent erosion

  6. 6. to satisfy your aesthetic, functional, budgetary, time, energy, and spiritual needs

  7. 7. because a well-designed landscape can reduce heating and cooling costs

  8. 8. because a well-designed landscape increases property value and creates a positive first impression

In addition:

No one knows plants better than a landscape designer, and the designer can be your guide, coach, and advocate throughout the process.

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